5. “A condom? I don’t have one, but don’t let that stop us.”

5. “A condom? I don’t have one, but don’t let that stop us.”

Although we recommend to check out the roof top terrace, remember that hostels have cameras. They can have cameras on the roof top terrace as well.

We chat a lot with staff from different hostels. Once a couple did their thing on the rooftop terrace. They didn’t realize the cameras. The staff member has to colombiancupid coupon check every morning the video tapes to see if everything was ok with the bar etc.

Well…you can imagine the surprise. She was cool with it, and her reaction priceless. When the couple checked out, our friend ask them if they noticed the cameras on the roof top terrace. The girl blushed, the girl not as much.

Again the roof top terrace is an idea. If not, keep scrolling, we have more tips on how to have sex in hostels.

Ok ok, traveling somewhere new should be filled with spontaneity and excitement, but there should also be limits to your care-free attitude.

It is perfectly acceptable to keep some inhibitions whilst traveling, and safe sex – not just hostel sex – is important.

The only fun things to take away from hostel sex are fun memories and a story to tell, perhaps even a t-shirt.

6. Watch out for security cameras

So, therefore, if you are planning to hook up on the roof top terrace or the laundry room…have a look if there is a camera first!

Insider: MANY many hostels out there have “internal sex tapes” of guests hooking up. This is quite funny for them. Well, but not for you, right?!

You do want to avoid this. You do not want to be that girl that *** the guy a *** in the hallway, cera.

7. Bathroom, Toilet and Showers

Many hostels have shared bathrooms and ensuite facilities in the dorms or well, private rooms. If you have a private room with ensuite facilities, the problem is solved anyways.

This option is really only valid for a short time. Not really comfortable, and not really time for romance, as you can imagine.

8. Kitchen

Sorry, but we have to mention this again. Just skip the kitchen, do not even think about it. Chances are incredibly high you will get caught.

The photo shows Casa Pepe, 5 Star Hostel in Mexico City. Read our guide to best hostels in Mexico City here.

9. Laundry Room

We already mentioned the laundry room. While this room is usually sticky, and small, it could be your private room for a few moments.

10. Be Creative…

Maybe there is a corner in the hostel nobody knows about. Maybe a cinema? Maybe the hostel has also a large garden, or a forest behind the hostel?

Sex-Stories from Hostels (Barcelona, Paris, London, …)

There are endless stories, and without a doubt, you’ve heard your own stories already. On reddit there is a whole topic about it.

Needless to say, there are as well many anecdotes from sex in London’s hostels and more. If you have your own, share it with us.

For Hostels

Encourage your guests to book a private room. Almost every hostel also has dorm rules, that include this topic. While we recommend not to be strict on that topic, you could give travelers an option in a way.

Also, many hostels have a rule in place for their staff hooking up with guests. They “allow” this in a way, but not in their own hostel.

Download the Sex Guide

We created a guide, so you can download it to your device. Just click on the image below or download the guide here.

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