Pursuing the bogus Baron event, Hina staying at Nana’s mobile tavern and you can permitting the girl during the functions

Pursuing the bogus Baron event, Hina staying at Nana’s mobile tavern and you can permitting the girl during the functions

Soon, both Hina and Nana was in fact protected of the Licht while he hides his deal with by wearing several other cover-up

As Hina asking Nana whenever will they begin looking for Licht, Jail Murdoch additionally the Regal Shields starred in brand new tavern. Whenever you are nana looking to imagine she will not see Licht’s whereabouts, Jail heated the woman never to rest and you may secured this lady legs that have their material feature which Hina was worried within this lady. Up coming, Nana reported that the she understands is that Licht visited the Eastern. Soon, Jail purchases his army goes toward the west and you may destroys Nana’s mobile tavern. After the Royal Guards left the fresh tavern, Hina asked what happened here and why do Prison can produce material, Nana teaches you you to Jail was a ballot Proprietor with his function is extracted from his Ballot.

Since Royal Guards in their way would go to Hoemmh, one another Hina and you may Nana fundamentally reach get a hold of Licht. However, due to Prison forgotten Nana’s tavern earlier, Nana needed to fix the new tavern very first ahead of trying to find Licht so she advised Hina to help you remains to your an excellent greenland and you can hold off. Because the Hina wishing Nana, she coincidentally spotted a female named Pelmo in trouble. Hina made an effort to conserve Pelmo regarding boy that have 656 counts however, soon scared of him, in that respect boy really wants to has actually a beneficial Startheft Fight race facing her. Following child operates away, Licht mentioned that he would log off, but Hina keep carrying his cape, due to the fact she instantly realized it had been Licht one to spared the woman. In the near future, Pelmo thanked Licht and you will Hina to possess rescuing the woman and you can questioned him if the he could travel if you are pressing his human body. Soon, she found Profesyonel Г§evrimiГ§i buluЕџma siteleri in it you to definitely she has complete the aviation research because the youth. Hina discovers Pelmo’s lookup musical interesting, thus she aids the girl decision. While the Pelmo happy to update this lady airplane, she informed Licht and you may Hina in order to briefly stay at exterior.

If you’re Pelmo was busying, Licht and you may Hina having a conversation on which took place back after the guy deal with Davi, which she named him good liar to possess brook their guarantee. Hina expected Licht regarding the their objective to have traveling, but he forgotten their matter and went to pick this lady underwear instead. Even though it is disrupted by Pelmo simply done upgraded the girl plane. Pelmo later on experimented the girl flat, but are dropped by one man that have 656 matters additionally the Regal Guards. After the soldiers kept, Pelmo’s matter is actually dropped to zero and you will delivered toward Abyss. Prior to Pelmo try removed, she told Licht and Hina you to definitely she’ll feel fine and she forecast you to she would undoubtedly fulfill them again about future. After Pelmo provides delivered into the Abyss, Hina asked Licht to heal the lady injury on her behalf right hand, however, the guy helps make a mystical face, which his leftover vision presented a password “001” doing. He advised Hina not to look at your, apologized the girl and stated that he are unable to select a person’s bloodstream. Soon, each other Licht and Hina saw a smoking from Linden, that they wonders what’s going on here.

Before it turned up, Licht shed Pelmo’s flat so they really would not see people facts you to definitely she is carrying out the new aviation search

And Licht, Hina returned so you’re able to Nana’s cellular tavern. While they going back, Licht made an effort to share with Hina to get the lady hand off however, she will not pay attention, given that she afraid he will escape getting a moment day. Once they came back, it seen Jail and you can Lyne Mei is additionally present towards tavern also and therefore unexpected situations her or him. As Licht and Prison that have the consuming race, one another Hina and Lyne drinking alcohol nonetheless they can’t take care of it. In the near future, Nana products the whole package in front of Hina and you can Lyne, regarding reveals him or her how the adult consume alcohol. Because anyone having a good time around, a quake out of the blue took place and discovered there is a black-hole featured much like the you to definitely of Linden.

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